Dutch times three

Dutch is the official language in the Netherlands, Belgium en Suriname. So you could say it's Dutch multiplied by three. This part of the homepage will explain this arithmetical problem in more detail. The Dutch language is the mother tongue of 17 million people in the Netherlands, 6 million Belgians and it is spoken by 450.000 Surinamese. Nevertheless, it is not used in the same manner by these three peoples, there are different ways of speaking Dutch in different countries.

Rachim (video) is from Suriname. He thinks that his Dutch is very different from the Dutch spoken in the Netherlands or Belgium.

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  1. Overview
    Here you will be able to find three short summaries about Dutch in the Netherlands, Dutch in Belgium and Dutch in Suriname.
  2. The Dutch language area
    Following a short introduction of the Dutch-speaking areas of the world and a peak into how Dutch is spoken on the Caribbean Islands, you will get some detailed information about the different variations of Dutch spoken in the Netherlands, Belgium and Suriname. What types of Dutch are there? What do Dutch and Belgian people, as well as the Surinamese, think about these different types of Dutch? And are they even able to understand each other?
  3. Linguistic features
    Click here to read about the most important features of Netherlandic-Dutch, Belgian-Dutch, Flemish Tussentaal and Surinamese-Dutch. How can you differentiate between the three? What are the typical words used by speakers of these three varieties? How are these three types of Dutch pronounced by Dutch, Belgian, and Surinamese speakers?

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